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Bataleon All Mountain & Freeride 2010

This season, the powerful and growing Norwegian brand Bataleon, surprises us with a small but incredible range of boards All mountain / Freeride.
Leaving aside the technical breakthroughs of the boards (as the Triple Base Technology, which will be discussed later in this blog), the elegant Nordic aesthetic is 100% perfect.

Powerful and clear for the most elegant riders.


Enemy is the lightest in its class, created for All Mountain / Freestyle. A machine for “kickers” in “backcountry” and for riping nonstop.
The leave quite clear what this board is about; light and dynamic.



Undisputed is an incredible freeride machine, a magic carpet for powder snow, which will also respond in the most complicated crust and ice slopes.
The aesthetics of its labyrinthine leaves no one indifferent. Less is more.



Omni is Powdertrends favorite, the most All Mountain of the collection offers an amazing versatility, from freestyle to freeride without complaints.
The have left us speechless, geometric designs calculated at millimeter with a combination of fascinating colors.

LClean and attractive, omni is the queen of style in Batalleon All Mountain collection.


Soon we will have more of Bataleon.

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Purple Jackets

This year the deep purple strikes again!

We’ve been flipping through the latest purple jackets this season, and this has been what we´ve liked most.

Orage Baldwin

The first one is Phil Casabon´s personal choice, only for park-rats.

orage baldwin

Saga anomie jacket

The second is the well-known brand underground , where you do not need to go and buy the 3xl to go baggy because they make extra large sizes and cuts.

Check out the saga blog and scroll until you find the perfect pant/jacket combo!

Tim Durtschi wearing the drank


Salomon Exposure

The third one is for girls, it has a curious silk-screened, in addition to all the details salomon jackets carry.  Including a pocket for mobile, for googles.etc

salomon exposure jacket purple w

Special Blend Signature.

With a brighter tone we have the Special Blend Signature, the most searched by snowboarders

Imagen 16

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New Ski & Snowboard Goggles 2009-2010 II

New & Vol. II

Spy Soldier, Vanular Signature.

The “Bling ,Bling” Pro model by corey Vanular, so legit.


Von Zipper Feenom Love In

Bright blues, yellow, lines, color blend.vonzipper feenom love in

Von Zipper Sizzle Yipes White

With pink earflaps…cool!
vz sizzle yipes white

Dragon Rogue -i Skull Candy.

The new romance between Dragon and Skull candy rules the park this year.ROGUE-i Skull Candy Purple:ION

Dragon DX-i Jamie Lynn Signature 09

Street art grafics match perfectly with yellow and blue outfits

DX-i Jamie LynnSign09:Gld Ion

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Gloves, Gloves, Gloves! (I)

We like the bright colors contrasting with the white landscape, that is clear.

We have compiled the most flashy of this season!

686 Momentum Lime

686 momentum lime

Armada Cosmo Pipe Lime

armada cosmo pipe lime

Armada Inverse Magenta

armada inverse magenta

Bataleon Smily

bataleon smily glove

DC Mizu

DC mizu

Defcon Transistor

defcon transistor
PD. We promise gloves that are more discreet in the coming days.

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Talking about Poles.

Some say all are the same, but as time goes by more specific and custom are reaching the market.


Here we go with a little selection:

Line Pin

A small pole focused in park, as they say in their website:  “Shorter than your dad’s , but still longer than your tall tee, it’s the lightest stick with the skinniest grip in the world!” From now there’s no need to cut out the to hit the rails;  Pins comes in super short sizes (91, 96, 101, 106 cm). Made in ultralight aluminum and almost undestructible.
line pin

Scott Punisher

Scott comes punishing this year with Punisher which has some very elaborated vampire and a vintage touch with leather en the strap. Made in aluminiun and comes with ergonomic grip.
scott punisher

Armada Motive

Armada strikes againg with their inovative pole system, where the grip and the basket are interchangeable and can be bought separately. We like the  “neo constructivist” inspiration and the powerfull colours.
armada motive

Salomon Patrol

It looks like the guys designing this were thinking about…. Alaska. The ultimate Big mountain weapon from the french brand comes with a powder focused basket and a “racing” like grip for a perfect control in every .
salomon patrol

Rossignol S.A.S Junior

Thinking in the who rock, made a perfect pro pole. Made in ultralight aluminium is perfect for the first steeps at the park. We love the in with the Seven Artistic Sins.

rossi jr

Hope you can find your perfect pole!

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Armada Outwear 2010

Imagen 10

Armada comes this year to conquer the textile sector with a new of clothing that will take your breath.
A complete collection ranging from Eighties-inspired jackets that will leave no one indifferent as the Galactic Spectrum and others with a simpler design but with strong colors which will be seen from anywhere in the resort.

Armada Galactic

Imagen 9

Armada Inverse

Imagen 11

The website also offers you a “build your kit” to match with jackets, very useful to see what your outfit this season will be!

Imagen 13

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New Ski & Snowboard Goggles 2010 I

We’ve been flipping through the latest -masks this season, and this has been what we´ve liked most.

Electric EG2 Process

Imagen 10

Electric EG5 B4BC, for daring chicks.

Imagen 11

Anon Solace Fusion, with a strong eighties touch.

anon solace fusion

Anon Hawkeye Corked Out more discrete, with a curious cork effect.

anon hawkeye corked out

Spy Targa Mini Blue Voltage. For the eyes of the most imprudent little ones.


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Beanies Ski & Snowboard

We will start with the Melita Beanie, a classic from the brand Nikita, you know girls: “For girls who ride”
The gray colors mixed with bright blue, ideal to combine with striking blue glasses!

nikita1nikita 2

Line One

Simple but cool, there are times that two words are worth the same as an image, no? This white beanie blends perfectly with other pieces of white equipment, and the colors of the strip are very meticulous. Unisex


Roxy Bounce Hat

“From Roxy With Love”. In a siberian steppe style which we have already seen in resorts, this hat lined with faux fur will not leave you cold. We love it.


Orage Hito

We like this orage, as well as its fine lines and seemingly haphazard.


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New season, new graphics

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

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Five helmets that rock this year

Two of them come with full name, the pro models of Tanner Hall and Eric Pollard

Then we will see the most gangsta pack this season, junior helmets and some for girls.

Bern Baker Eric Pollard Pro-Model

The Bern Baker needs no introduction because it is one of the most popular models of the brand.

The “Hard Hat” with a baseball style comes this year with Eric Pollard´s design mimicking the contours of a mountain or perhaps the next of pillows that he will slay.

bern baker pollard

POC Receptor Bug series Tanner Hall edition

T-Hall trusts Poc again for his pro model this year, with a design inspired in the Jamaican culture with the lion of Judah and the Rastafarian colors. It is the ideal for skiing by Retallack listening to Cali-p or for kicking a few rounds of pipe. Jah love!

tanner hall poc

The Skull Candy Revolver Pack

Giro + Skull Candy  is a partnership that cannot go unnoticed.
The Skull Candy Revolver pack comes with the Giro , a bandana and Skull Candy headphones
Pharaonic in gold with black background give that style “bling bling” so gangsta. With the Skull Candy you would go mad listening to remixes of Biggie Smalls while climbing the park’s perch.

skull candy giro pack


Pro Tec Classic Snow Junior

For the younger ones this Tec Pro model comes fresh from the streets of California. This classic skater style can be used in both winter and summer.
Great for parents, which will no have to worry about the first drops of future freeskiers.


Sweet Rambler Baked

Sweet Protection features this year the rambler baked, a with a hardhat style for girls, drawing a where the strong colors mark the style.
A that rocks for girls that rock.

sweet chica

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