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Lo nuevo de Sweet, de un vistazo

Los chicos de Sweet Protection nos lo ponen fácil; su catálogo 10-11 de un vistazo en 2 minutos.

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(Español) Otra forma de personalizar tu casco

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

Posted on 24 November '09 by Con, under DIY- Do it yourself, Graphics, Snow Helmets, Snowboard Accesories. 2 Comments.

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Pimp my helmet – Do It Yourself

Most of freeskiers  will to decorate their helmets with stickers of their favourites brands, but Gabriel Garcia Fernandez went a step beyond and took his own art to his . Armed with a brush and full of patience, he decorated his with this amazing result.


He proceed the following way:

First of all, he drew the picture with a propelling pencil on the . For those of you who haven’t got so much spare time may help themselves with a template.


To apply the paint- plastic paint- and fill up the drawing, he used a regular brush. Gabi told us that he had to apply more than one layer to obtain the result he was looking for.

To continue with, he varnished the design, and that way protects it from knocks and avoids it being ruined.


We liked very much this idea of customize your helmets, and we encourage you to take the initiative and try it yourselves.

To end up with, we thank Xski and ATS for letting us know this and give a 10 to Gabi.

Posted on 10 October '09 by Gonx, under DIY- Do it yourself, Snow Helmets. 2 Comments.

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Five helmets that rock this year

Two of them come with full name, the pro models of Tanner Hall and Eric Pollard

Then we will see the most gangsta pack this season, junior helmets and some for girls.

Baker Eric Pollard Pro-Model

The Baker needs no introduction because it is one of the most popular models of the brand.

The “Hard Hat” with a baseball style comes this year with Eric Pollard´s design mimicking the contours of a mountain or perhaps the next line of pillows that he will slay.

bern baker pollard

POC Receptor Bug series Tanner Hall edition

T-Hall trusts Poc again for his pro model this year, with a design inspired in the Jamaican culture with the lion of Judah and the Rastafarian colors. It is the ideal for skiing by Retallack listening to Cali-p or for kicking a few rounds of pipe. Jah love!

tanner hall poc

The Skull Candy Revolver Pack

Giro + Skull Candy  is a partnership that cannot go unnoticed.
The Skull Candy Revolver pack comes with the Giro , a bandana and Skull Candy headphones
Pharaonic graphics in gold with black background give that style “bling bling” so gangsta. With the Skull Candy you would go mad listening to remixes of Biggie Smalls while climbing the park’s perch.

skull candy giro pack


Pro Tec Classic Snow Junior

For the younger ones this Tec Pro model comes fresh from the streets of California. This classic skater style can be used in both winter and summer.
Great for parents, which will no have to worry about the first drops of future freeskiers.


Rambler Baked

Protection features this year the rambler baked, a with a hardhat style for girls, drawing a line where the strong colors mark the style.
A that rocks for girls that rock.

sweet chica

Posted on 22 September '09 by Gonx, under Snow Helmets. 4 Comments.

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