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(Español) Ya tenemos ganador!

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Powder Trends Tall Tees


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Hoodies 09-10

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Hand Made Tall Tees

We are going to do a small tutorial about how to do your own tall tees.

As you might already know, it’s quiet complicated to find these kind of trendy t-shirts in Spain, and even more difficult for one of our size with a picture we like.

The materials we are going to need are:

-         Two t-shirts

-         Scissors

-          Needle, thread…etc

The idea is to sacrifice a regular t-shirt and cut it into pieces to obtain a shirttail that we will sow to another t-shirt (which will be the ).


The first thing we are going to do is divide the t-shirt we are going to sacrifice into 4 sections.

We can get rid of the first section.

The second and third sections must have the same length and width; they have to be the same. These are the parts we are going to use as shirttails.

The sleeves compose the fourth part.

Once we have cut the t-shirt, we can sow the third part or section to another t-shirt to increase its length. (the second section may be used to do another by sowing it to another t-shirt).


To end up with, we sow the fourth part to the sleeves of the we are making and it will be ready!


Following this method, we’ll obtain two tall tees for every three normal t-shirts we use on the manufacture. One of them with double sleeves bi-colour and the other one with normal sleeves.

As you can see, the result it’s pretty amazing: now you are ready to customize your own tall tees!

We must thank Mario Alvarez de Beleña – aka Manek – who made possible this article by providing us with the method and photographs.

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Today we will talk about Neff, the brand of Shaun Neff. It comes directly from Downtown California, at the hands of pros like Travis Kennedy or Sladics Chanelle.

They define themselves as “a gumball machine spitting out endless flavors for the World to eat.”

They have , bandanas, shirts and jackets, but what we liked were their . Furthermore, most are designed to fit under the helmet.

Neff Wacky

In several color combinations, this is just one of them.

neff wacky

Neff Cheetah

The glamorous and wild cheetahs in the same beanie.

neff cheetah

Neff Butch

With typical Highland inspiration

Neff butch

And we continue with some for girls:

Neff Gato

Only suitable for daring girls. Moar!

neff gato

Neff Melanie

Soft, delicate and sweet

neff melanie

What do you like more? Neff yes or Neff no?

Your opinion counts in Powder Trends!

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Gloves, Gloves, Gloves! (II)

We continue with more that have attract our attention.

Poc Bug Glove

The guys from Poc update each season, doing a much more eye-catching range than the past ones. More over, they make accessories which will easily combine with your goggles and helmet.

Imagen 6

Empire Black&White

Mythical park-rats , the Empire are known by most of us. Thin, comfortable and fits like a glove. (haha)

They also count with grip on the palm section, so you wont lose the lift  at the park!


Dakine Cobra Glove

Dakine has made a pair of on easy riders inspiration: the leather, the zips, etc… a classic glove design with an outstanding colour.

Imagen 12

Dakine Charger Glove

We bet for whites and blacks combined with , mixing them with spiral forms as if they were finger prints.

As we have come observing in , the high range continue being of leather.

Imagen 15

Burton Pipe Glove Bright White

We call them Burton Bling, white and gold.

Burton Pipe Glove bright white

Switch Bullet Glove

The switch designs are simple and juvenile, very trendy and know in every Europe parks.

The combine very good with blue jackets or trousers.

switch bullet

Which ones do you dare with? O.. don’t you dare with anyone?

Tell us what you think!

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(Español) Pantalones que nos visten

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Backcountry Jackets

Let’s take this new entry to talk about backcountry skiing and snowboarding, for those days of loads of powder outside the limits of the station when you look for the best lines.

A few jackets of classic design but notable for their lightness and tightness.

Helly Hansen W Silver rush Jacket

For the most adventurous  girls.

The color may look very serious but pink heat-sealed zippers give the point

15000 Tissue water columns and transpiration 15000gr keeps you dry and cool while the Thinsulate ™ lining in its inner layer keeps you warm it before reaching the shelter!


Norrøna Lofoten Jacket.

Norrøna surprises us with this lightweight freeride jacket (930gr), its fabric Gore-Tex ® 28000 mm water haze makes it virtually impossible for water to get through.

We have chosen the yellow lemon color so we are seen right across the mountain!


Haglöfs Couloir Jacket.

Jacket in two parts, a fleece for warmth and a soft shell to protect against wind and snow.

Its 28,000 columns of water and lightweight (875 grams) makes it ideal for access to those faces of the mountain least explored.


Norrøna lofoten one-piece

We saved the best for the end, the entire Norrøna suit has left us speechless, it is thought for diving in the deepest powder without getting even a bit wet! Available in various colors, but we liked the and green one.


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Purple Jackets

This year the deep strikes again!

We’ve been flipping through the latest jackets this season, and this has been what we´ve liked most.

Orage Baldwin

The first one is Phil Casabon´s personal choice, only for park-rats.

orage baldwin

Saga anomie jacket

The second is the well-known brand underground , where you do not need to go and buy the 3xl to go baggy because they make extra large sizes and cuts.

Check out the saga blog and scroll until you find the perfect pant/jacket combo!

Tim Durtschi wearing the drank


Salomon Exposure

The third one is for girls, it has a curious silk-screened, in addition to all the details salomon jackets carry.  Including a pocket for mobile, for googles.etc

salomon exposure jacket purple w

Special Blend Signature.

With a brighter tone we have the Special Blend Signature, the most searched by snowboarders

Imagen 16

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Gloves, Gloves, Gloves! (I)

We like the bright colors contrasting with the white landscape, that is clear.

We have compiled the most flashy of this season!

686 Momentum Lime

686 momentum lime

Armada Cosmo Pipe Lime

armada cosmo pipe lime

Armada Inverse Magenta

armada inverse magenta

Bataleon Smily

bataleon smily glove

DC Mizu

DC mizu

Defcon Transistor

defcon transistor
PD. We promise that are more discreet in the coming days.

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