Powder Trends

Gloves, Gloves, Gloves! (II)

We continue with more that have attract our attention.

Poc Bug Glove

The guys from update each season, doing a much more eye-catching range than the past ones. More over, they make accessories which will easily combine with your goggles and helmet.

Imagen 6

Empire Black&White

Mythical park-rats , the Empire are known by most of us. Thin, comfortable and fits like a glove. (haha)

They also count with grip on the palm section, so you wont lose the ski lift  at the park!


Dakine Cobra Glove

Dakine has made a pair of on easy riders inspiration: the leather, the zips, etc… a classic glove design with an outstanding colour.

Imagen 12

Dakine Charger Glove

We bet for whites and blacks combined with purple, mixing them with spiral forms as if they were finger prints.

As we have come observing in , the high range continue being of leather.

Imagen 15

Burton Pipe Glove Bright White

We call them Bling, white and gold.

Burton Pipe Glove bright white

Switch Bullet Glove

The designs are simple and juvenile, very trendy and know in every Europe parks.

The combine very good with blue jackets or trousers.

switch bullet

Which ones do you dare with? O.. don’t you dare with anyone?

Tell us what you think!

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Gloves, Gloves, Gloves! (I)

We like the bright colors contrasting with the white landscape, that is clear.

We have compiled the most flashy of this season!

686 Momentum Lime

686 momentum lime

Armada Cosmo Pipe Lime

armada cosmo pipe lime

Armada Inverse Magenta

armada inverse magenta

Bataleon Smily

bataleon smily glove

DC Mizu

DC mizu

Defcon Transistor

defcon transistor
PD. We promise that are more discreet in the coming days.

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Talking about Poles.

Some say all are the same, but as time goes by more specific and custom are reaching the market.


Here we go with a little selection:

Line Pin

A small pole focused in park, as they say in their website:  “Shorter than your dad’s , but still longer than your tall tee, it’s the lightest stick with the skinniest grip in the world!” From now there’s no need to cut out the to hit the rails;  Pins comes in super short sizes (91, 96, 101, 106 cm). Made in ultralight aluminum and almost undestructible.
line pin

Scott Punisher

comes punishing this year with Punisher which has some very elaborated vampire graphics and a vintage touch with leather en the strap. Made in aluminiun and comes with ergonomic grip.
scott punisher

Armada Motive

strikes againg with their inovative pole system, where the grip and the basket are interchangeable and can be bought separately. We like the  “neo constructivist” inspiration graphics and the powerfull colours.
armada motive

Salomon Patrol

It looks like the guys designing this were thinking about…. Alaska. The ultimate Big mountain weapon from the french brand comes with a powder focused basket and a “racing” like grip for a perfect control in every .
salomon patrol

Rossignol S.A.S Junior

Thinking in the who rock, made a perfect pro pole. Made in ultralight aluminium is perfect for the first steeps at the park. We love the graphics in with the Seven Artistic Sins.

rossi jr

Hope you can find your perfect pole!

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