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Hand Made Tall Tees

We are going to do a small tutorial about how to do your own tall tees.

As you might already know, it’s quiet complicated to find these kind of trendy t-shirts in Spain, and even more difficult for one of our size with a picture we like.

The materials we are going to need are:

-         Two t-shirts

-         Scissors

-          Needle, thread…etc

The idea is to sacrifice a regular t-shirt and cut it into pieces to obtain a shirttail that we will sow to another t-shirt (which will be the ).


The first thing we are going to do is divide the t-shirt we are going to sacrifice into 4 sections.

We can get rid of the first section.

The second and third sections must have the same length and width; they have to be the same. These are the parts we are going to use as shirttails.

The sleeves compose the fourth part.

Once we have cut the t-shirt, we can sow the third part or section to another t-shirt to increase its length. (the second section may be used to do another by sowing it to another t-shirt).


To end up with, we sow the fourth part to the sleeves of the we are making and it will be ready!


Following this method, we’ll obtain two tall tees for every three normal t-shirts we use on the manufacture. One of them with double sleeves bi-colour and the other one with normal sleeves.

As you can see, the result it’s pretty amazing: now you are ready to customize your own tall tees!

We must thank Mario Alvarez de Beleña – aka Manek – who made possible this article by providing us with the method and photographs.

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Pimp my helmet – Do It Yourself

Most of freeskiers  will to decorate their helmets with stickers of their favourites brands, but Gabriel Garcia Fernandez went a step beyond and took his own art to his . Armed with a brush and full of patience, he decorated his with this amazing result.


He proceed the following way:

First of all, he drew the picture with a propelling pencil on the . For those of you who haven’t got so much spare time may help themselves with a template.


To apply the paint- plastic paint- and fill up the drawing, he used a regular brush. Gabi told us that he had to apply more than one layer to obtain the result he was looking for.

To continue with, he varnished the design, and that way protects it from knocks and avoids it being ruined.


We liked very much this idea of customize your helmets, and we encourage you to take the initiative and try it yourselves.

To end up with, we thank Xski and ATS for letting us know this and give a 10 to Gabi.

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