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Some of the users of Powder Trends requested us – that by the way, are increasing every day- to do a review about for those of you who prefer slide down the slopes rather than through the savage mountain.

Those of you who thought there weren’t cool skis were totally wrong!

Rossignol Attraxion

Discreet and dark, but at the same time very feminine. designs with style for ladies.

rossignol ATTRAXION

This Italian brand keeps on being one of the best when it comes to vintage designs for skis, but beyond that 70’s look, there’s a carving build up with the latest technology, easy to ride and fun at the same time.

Blossom Flere

Imagen 4

Roxy Bliss

For the youngest ladies of each home, updates his Bliss model.

roxy bliss

Scott Aztec

throws in 2010 his Aztec design, a very versatile all terrain, of geometric figures overlapped. We love it.

scott aztec all condition2

Vist SF One

The Italians of have achieved the impossible: a beautiful giant race . Not beautiful, precious. Elegant, simple, and full with typographic details.

vist sf one gs racevist sf one 2

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(Español) Powder Trends estará en la Gran KDD de Canal Snowboard

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Today we will talk about Neff, the brand of Shaun Neff. It comes directly from Downtown California, at the hands of pros like Travis Kennedy or Sladics Chanelle.

They define themselves as “a gumball machine spitting out endless flavors for the World to eat.”

They have beanies, bandanas, shirts and jackets, but what we liked were their beanies. Furthermore, most are designed to fit under the helmet.

Neff Wacky

In several color combinations, this is just one of them.

neff wacky

Neff Cheetah

The glamorous and wild cheetahs in the same beanie.

neff cheetah

Neff Butch

With typical Highland inspiration

Neff butch

And we continue with some for girls:

Neff Gato

Only suitable for daring girls. Moar!

neff gato

Neff Melanie

Soft, delicate and sweet

neff melanie

What do you like more? Neff yes or Neff no?

Your opinion counts in Powder Trends!

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Ski freestyle boots 2010

New article on the freestyle boots we have liked most this season.

Rossignol SAS FS2

The two buckles system allows incredible adjustment, it’s flexible tongue can open a lot to make it easier to put on, has a Flex 8, we liked the simplicity of its design and the contrast of dark brown with gold.


Dalbello il moro

The choice of famous Tanner Hall, a boot of 3 hooks designed for park but hard enough to defend themselves in all-terrain thanks to it’s two interchangeable tongues, medium-hard and soft.

This year they have chosen the Rastafarian colors, which t-hall identifies with.


Nordica Game Changer

Although not much is known about the technical aspects of the next nordica freestyle boot, it certainly has a astonishing design and deserved a mention in the article


Salomon SPK Pro Model

The already known SPK returns this year in red and black colors, continue with flex 110.

Highly recommended for its thremodeformable system, which will fully adapt the boot to your foot, which will enjoy all the padding and protections that leads to soft, soft landings.


Fulltilt Booter

A boot completely park orientated, comes with a medium flex tab 6. One advantage of this boot is the possibility of exchanging tongues and the boots are completely thremodeformables. Very cool colors!


Fultilt Soul Sister

Bota specified for all terrain women, they have apadapted the boot to female anatomy, it’s interchangeable flex 8 tongue will be the queen inside and outside the track.

elegant , floral motives in black and gold.

fultult soul

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Talking about Poles.

Some say all poles are the same, but as time goes by more specific and custom poles are reaching the market.


Here we go with a little selection:

Line Pin

A small pole focused in park, as they say in their website:  “Shorter than your dad’s poles, but still longer than your tall tee, it’s the lightest stick with the skinniest grip in the world!” From now there’s no need to cut out the poles to hit the rails;  Pins comes in super short sizes (91, 96, 101, 106 cm). Made in ultralight aluminum and almost undestructible.
line pin

Scott Punisher

comes punishing this year with Punisher which has some very elaborated vampire and a vintage touch with leather en the strap. Made in aluminiun and comes with ergonomic grip.
scott punisher

Armada Motive

Armada strikes againg with their inovative pole system, where the grip and the basket are interchangeable and can be bought separately. We like the  “neo constructivist” inspiration and the powerfull colours.
armada motive

Salomon Patrol

It looks like the guys designing this poles were thinking about…. Alaska. The ultimate Big mountain weapon from the french brand comes with a powder focused basket and a “racing” like grip for a perfect control in every .
salomon patrol

Rossignol S.A.S Junior

Thinking in the kids who rock, made a perfect pro pole. Made in ultralight aluminium is perfect for the first steeps at the park. We love the in with the Seven Artistic Sins.

rossi jr

Hope you can find your perfect pole!

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New season, new graphics

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