Powder Trends

Esquis 2010/11

En los meses anteriores os pudimos enseñar algunas fotos y avances de lo que se iba a cocer en cada una de las marcas durante la próxima temporada: nuevos modelos, cambios estéticos etc.

En estas fechas las marcas ya empiezan a actualizar sus páginas web y podemos disfrutar de las nuevas colecciones dentro de poco, demomento solo podemos ponernos los dientes largos y empezar a ahorrar!

Pichad en los logos y os llevaran a las nuevas webs, iremos actualizando esta página con las marcas que aun no tienen su nueva colección online.

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(Español) Historia de los Graficos de Armada, AR5 y AR6

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More ski graphics 2010

Once more, we have spent some time looking for the most shocking and original , those that people keep on staring during the chair lift . Those that make us looking downwards. Those that we keep in our rooms as part of its decoration during all of the year.

This has been the result.

Atomic Bent Chetler. freestyle-backcountry.

Atomic Bent Chetler freestyle-backcountry

Atomic tries this year with a Japanese-urban inspiration, and surprise us with the Bent Chetler as the result.

This promodel is clearly the best expression of their rider Chris Benchetler, who continues innovating and turning the Backcountry on his own snow park. Booters, pillows, tree taps…this can handle with everything.

Its 123mm underfoot , will help you stomp an out of bounds booter as well as not to be sketchy on the landing thanks to the roker technology.

Atomic Bent Chetler

Atomic Bent Chetler2

Line Chronic Cryptonite

continues with his crow, but this time even more aggressive, and illustrated by Dan Mumford.

This new design it’s based on the original Chronic, but counts with an even wider waist (93mm), continuing with ’s idea of wide park skis.

They are even harder and resistant than the rest of skis that compose the range, providing and extra stability and avoiding them getting bent when you stomp the illest  jumps.

Line Skis Chronic Cryptonite

Armada T-Hall

This is Tanner Hall’s option for this year. The lion of Judah, HaileSelassie I…very Tanner , always with his reggae style.

This year the come a bit harder: perfect to imitate our pipe idol.

armada tanner-hall

4Frnt Click

The 80’s style is introduced with this 4Frnt Click for girls. Paint, markers and full of colour.

4FRNT Click

K2 Missy

To end up with, the innocent touch come by the hand of these initiation skis K2 Missy for girls but, be careful, not because they are younger the come to be less rockers. Hannah Montana and freeski haven’t got to be incompatible.

K2 Missy

Which ones do you prefer? Comment at Powder Trends!

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(Español) Pantalones que nos visten

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Talking about Poles.

Some say all are the same, but as time goes by more specific and custom are reaching the market.


Here we go with a little selection:

Line Pin

A small pole focused in park, as they say in their website:  “Shorter than your dad’s , but still longer than your tall tee, it’s the lightest stick with the skinniest grip in the world!” From now there’s no need to cut out the to hit the rails;  Pins comes in super short sizes (91, 96, 101, 106 cm). Made in ultralight aluminum and almost undestructible.
line pin

Scott Punisher

comes punishing this year with Punisher which has some very elaborated vampire and a vintage touch with leather en the strap. Made in aluminiun and comes with ergonomic grip.
scott punisher

Armada Motive

strikes againg with their inovative pole system, where the grip and the basket are interchangeable and can be bought separately. We like the  “neo constructivist” inspiration and the powerfull colours.
armada motive

Salomon Patrol

It looks like the guys designing this were thinking about…. Alaska. The ultimate Big mountain weapon from the french brand comes with a powder focused basket and a “racing” like grip for a perfect control in every .
salomon patrol

Rossignol S.A.S Junior

Thinking in the who rock, Rossignol made a perfect pro pole. Made in ultralight aluminium is perfect for the first steeps at the park. We love the in with the Seven Artistic Sins.

rossi jr

Hope you can find your perfect pole!

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Armada Outwear 2010

Imagen 10

comes this year to conquer the textile sector with a new of clothing that will take your breath.
A complete collection ranging from Eighties-inspired jackets that will leave no one indifferent as the Galactic Spectrum and others with a simpler design but with strong colors which will be seen from anywhere in the resort.


Imagen 9


Imagen 11

The website also offers you a “build your kit” to match with jackets, very useful to see what your outfit this season will be!

Imagen 13

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